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More OCs :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 0 3 [Art Trade] PitchBlackCat's Azalea Hestia :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 2 3
Name: Eva Francalanza
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Maltese, Italian
Height: 5’8”
Birthday: 9th of August
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Café Barista/Cashier
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Amber/Hazel
Hair: Long, wavy black hair which is currently dyed orangish red. When wore down, it reaches the middle of her back. The roots of her hair are visible. She usually keeps her hair in two braids.
Body Type/Clothes Preference: She has a pear like body, most of her fat stored in her butt and thighs. She has a B-cup chest. Eva’s usual outfit, besides her work outfit, usually would consist of either patterned button up shirts with jeans and sandals, or large sweaters with leggings and combat boots.
Personality/History: Eva is sweet yet strict. She uses her sweetness to her advantage when dealing with difficult customers. Being the oldest of seven siblings, she is the most mature and stressed out of them. Even if she doesn't live with them anymor
:iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 2 20
Dangan Ronpa RP Anyone?
Hello everyone!~ With the arrival of the new Dangan Ronpa 3 animes, Mirai-hen and Zetsubou-hen respectively, I decided that I'd like to do a Dangan Ronpa RP!! I love the series and its characters so much. If you haven't played the games or watched the animes, go do that now! It's a great franchise. Now, onto details for the RP!~
Characters I Like To RP As (* means I RP them frequently):
Ibuki Mioda (SDR2) **
Peko Pekoyama (SDR2) *
Gundham Tanaka (SDR2) *
Nagito Komaeda (SDR2)
Akane Owari (SDR2)
Kazuichi Souda (SDR2)
Kyoko Kirigiri (DR1) *
Byakuya Togami (DR1) *
Toko Fukawa/Genocide Jack (DR1) *
Yasuhiro Hagakure (DR1)
Mondo Owada (DR1)

I'd really love to do an RP with Ibuki or Peko. They give me life and they are my precious children. Well, all of them are XD
OCs I Like To RP As (* means I RP them frequently):
Yasu Anzai (F) **
Sanjay Hashimoto (M) *
Kimiko Fukui (F) *
Takashi Chiba (M) *
Genji Osaki (M) **
Goro Miyazaki (M) **
Miyu Mayeda (F) *
:iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 2 24
RP Character: J.J. Jemuri :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 0 12 Azalea and Imperium :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 2 0 Jemynai's Corrupt Overdrive :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 1 0 Thea and Pandemonium :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 0 0
Hetalia RP Starter
In the small oceanside town of Ylisse, there were rumors of a treasure beneath the sea. It belonged to the sea god himself, and there were many pirates after it. Mermaids and merman were tasked to protect this treasure from everything. That wasn't the only rumor though. Some say if you go by the dock, a mermaids or merman would take you underwater and kill you. That wasn't what was on Astrid's mind though. She had more important things to worry about. After meeting that Mathias guy in the bar, she found out that he was the sea god, and her father. Now she had conflicted feelings about the treasure, since it did exist. She wasn't sure if she was going to protect it, or tell her captain, the famous Arthur Kirkland, about. But that wasn't necessary. Arthur found her talking to Mathias one day, and after denying him information on the treasure, Arthur had no choice but to send his first mate off the plank. With a cloth in her mouth, rope around her hands, and weights shackled to her feet,
:iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 0 0
Tray and Reyna (oVeRDRiVe mode) :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 0 0 RP OCs (Any/All Fandoms) :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 2 0 Blue Exorcist OCs: Isaji and Azami Nakajima :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 0 0 New Character :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 0 1 Soul Eater OC: Jasper Leblanc :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 0 0 Soul Eater OC: Axel Leblanc :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 0 0 Soul Eater OC: Audrey Brooks :iconnewterratheraccoon-2:NewTerratheRaccoon-2 0 3


Korehara :iconquixilvrr:QUIXILVRR 21 10 Sunny Opal Venus :iconrosebud1903:rosebud1903 43 30
This Mischevious Boy RP
Someone has been screwing around with your life, but you just haven't been able to prove it yet. Over the entire year, this person has been coming into your house at night either a towering giant or this tiny human being standing on your bed. You have no idea what this thing is capable of, but you were determined to find out what it's. So this very night, you lay awake on your bed, a flashlight and a laptop nearby to keep you entertained, as you wait for anything and then suddenly, you hear something...
a) You hear a STOMP! You look out to find the giant boy whose been screwing around bye your house, but suddenly you see these ray rings bounce off your house and suddenly... Everything started to get smaller, except for you.
b) You hear a Scurry up to your bed, you flash your light down on your bed to find this tiny person, who greets you kindly, but you still decided to trap it since it was becoming a pest, but then... It started to break out of your cage
:iconthe-gts-writer:The-GTS-Writer 3 69
Otome roleplay
Edit 1: Since I'm doing three of this roleplay at the moment, I'll only accept one more. After that this will be closed until I've finished one or more.
Edit 2: The kidnapping has been removed from the story.
Forgot to mention that a new event is going to replace it: a charity ball.
So, I have these otome boys I plan on using in a story once I'm finished working on them, but they still need lots of development, same with the plot. Speaking of which, here's that:
You've just moved out of your parents' house. While getting better acquainted with you home area, you meet five (six later on) handsome men who you try to befriend.
My rules are here:
For those who don't know what an otome is, it's a romantic visual novel. Games like Mystic Messenger and Amnesia are otome game
:iconeternalfuyu:EternalFuyu 3 15
Kat-zuichi :iconquixilvrr:QUIXILVRR 40 16
Looking to RP
Looking to rp with some people, I like long term and short term rps just let me know what you're looking for!
I like shipping a lot but if you don't I’m cool with our characters just being friends or even enemies.
Here's a warning for those who want to ship our characters: I’ll probably do multiple shipping rps for the same character, this doesn’t mean that my character is cheating on yours, I usually keep all my rps for the same characters separate. I do this because I find a lot of people will leave, that or the rp grows boring and I no longer feel the want to rp anymore but I still want love for my character so in a way this is my solution.
I’m typically a slow responder, if I’m on we may be able to go back and forth for a while but if I’m not I can take up to as long as a week to answer sometimes, so if that bothers you I suggest not rping with me.
I’d like to discuss our characters and their relationship as well as may
:iconpitchblackcat:PitchBlackCat 4 91
Donzel {OC} :iconpitchblackcat:PitchBlackCat 12 2 Sexy Nudist Zen :iconnirozozo:Nirozozo 59 11
The Above-Alls: Travelers RP
This RP is part of a series of RPs featuring a group of people called the Above-Alls. They have seemingly unlimited power and their primary duty is to protect and improve all of existence. This RP focuses on a class of Above-Alls called the Travelers, or those that like to explore and use their powers freely. There are two types of Travelers; Known Travelers, or those who fully reveal themselves as Above-Alls, and Unknown Travelers, who change reality so that everything they do with their powers, everyone thinks it's always been this way. For more information about the Above-Alls read this:
Known Traveler Scenarios
A. A child Traveler not only protects a planet, but also owns a special school. He seeks out hundreds of the brightest five and six-year-olds in the world and teaches them himself from first to fifth grade. With his incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom, his teaching is so effective and entertai
:iconmeatyrobot:MeatyRobot 2 313
Alice in Wonderland -RP Plots-
I wanna try this again, I found an rp that really I loved, and sadly it came to an end so here is the deal. I may actually turn down a few if too many want the highschool AU as I like variation. Plots are listed sorry its a lot.
Short rules:
As usual
Bullet; Green means Yes. Bullet; Blue means willing/capable (namely goes with oc's and canon), and Bullet; Red means not happening
If anything is broken I will likely stop responding. If I do stop responding and nothing was broken shoot me another note, I often lose notes.
Bullet; Blue OC’s and FC’s are more preferred (I will play Canon ONLY IF YOU PLAY EQUAL AMOUNT OF CANON)
Bullet; Blue Multiple Caracters (in fact I love multiple chahracters being used in an rp)
Bullet; Blue Romance is allowed - but don't think you HAVE to play a specific gende
:iconbunnygal2:BunnyGal2 3 48
A Strong Dose of the HIC-Juice (GT/S) RP
This RP is with a nerdy boy at the school, he's very antisocial, but really just helps giving people hints and clues on tests or quizzes to mostly girls on how to get that straight A. He's been working on a small formula in his Chemistry Lab station and created a concoction which was surely going ot make anyone grow with the slightest HICCUP! He concluded that if someone drank it, they'll begin to constantly hiccup for a whole day, and then it'll cease and she or he to grow a full 6 feet in size the next day! But first, this boy needed to find a subject. Who'll that be?
a) A Male sibling (Older Brother.)
b) A Female Friend (Someone that she doesn't talk too much, but says hi to in the halls.)
c) A Male or Female Bully (Just to give someone a good case of payback.)
d) A Female Sibling (Younger Sister.)
e) Custom.
Switching is allowed if you wish to play the nerdy kid.
* The bully could be less cruel but more teas
:iconthe-gts-writer:The-GTS-Writer 2 46
NewTerratheRaccoon-2's Azalea (Art Trade) :iconpitchblackcat:PitchBlackCat 7 2 All the Mahou :iconquixilvrr:QUIXILVRR 11 10
TF Dice Game RP
Your playing with a friend, crush, or sibling, which is me. You got this game from right out of your closet, it was a game my parents have played before, their are 3 dice, and a instructions sheet that says:
This game has no Rules, no Winner or Loser, this game only is the matter of the next player and their luck in the roll. Each side of the die consists of different Transformations as follows:
First Dice
Height (1)
Tongue (2)
Breasts (3)
Muscles (4)
Hips (5)
Butt (6)
Age (7)
Feet (8)
Hair (9)
Wild (10)

Second Dice
Add (1)
Lose (2)
x2 (3)
x4 (4)
1/2 (5)
1/4 (6)
Choose 1 (7)
Choose 2 (8)

Third Dice
You (1)
Opponent (2)
You Choose (3)
Opponent Choose (4)
 So the following dice work like this:
:iconthe-gts-writer:The-GTS-Writer 6 188
Snuggles :iconquixilvrr:QUIXILVRR 11 0 My OC: Azalea :iconpitchblackcat:PitchBlackCat 11 10


My rabbit just died. We had her for 4 fucking years, and now she is gone, away from the world. I really miss her a lot. :(


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